A double bar graph is a bar graph used for displaying two sets of frequency data for each data group. It can be used to make comparisons between and within data groups. Data displayed on a double bar graph is countable. More »

The National Center for Education Statistics states that on a bar graph where the bars are placed vertically, the y-axis runs vertically from the bottom to the top of the graph. On bar graphs where the bars run horizonta... More »

A compound bar graph breaks down data by splitting the columns to represent information comprising each bar. For example, a bar graph representing state employment rates can be turned into a compound bar graph by subdivi... More »

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To merge two sets of data into one graph in Excel, select both sets of data that will comprise the graph. Next, choose an option called "Combo" from the parent group titled "All Charts." More »

A double bar graph is a chart that uses parallel bars at proportional lengths that represent quantitative values. The length of the bar correlates with the data. More »

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A frequency table is a mathematical graph that identifies the number of times pieces of data occur in a given sequence. Most frequency tables contain three columns and between five and ten rows. More »

The main difference between a histogram and a bar graph is that a histogram displays quantitative data while a bar graph displays qualitative data. Quantitative data is numerical and can be measured by counting. Qualitat... More »