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Common sermon topics in black Baptist churches include the love of God, grace, Christ's resurrection, hope and joy, and spiritual growth. Baptists ministers follow guidelines laid out in the Bible to create sermons.


An example of a short Baptist sermon is "God Bless America, Land that I Love!" The main talking points in this sermon are opinions on the past, present and future of Christianity in America, with an emphasis on how God expects much from America, because God gave much to...


Find black Baptist sermons at BlackSermonsTube.com. SermonsTube links to the many sermons on YouTube by black pastors, providing Christian television, news, Bible studies, devotionals, lectures, sermons, and Gospel music, all from African American churches.


Black church sermons are typically highly energetic, focusing on God's work in daily life and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Sermons can blend with singing and dancing as congregants are "moved by the Spirit" and are less formal than those of traditional white churches.


As of 2015, some sources of Southern Baptist sermons in audio file format are AlbertMohler.com and RussellMoore.com. Baylor University hosts audio recordings of 1940s sermons by prominent Southern Baptist preacher George W. Truett. SermonAudio.com offers an archive of r...


SermonCentral and Bible Study Tools provide free church sermons. While both offer free material, the websites also give users the option to become members in order to receive additional material.


There are hundreds of different types of Baptist churches, but the two largest Baptist groups in the United States are the American Baptist Churches and the more conservative Southern Baptist Churches. There are about a dozen other major U.S. Baptist groups. Doctrine va...