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Baptist churches baptize people who were previously baptized as children, while Catholic churches only baptize people once. As Baptist churches are Protestant, their followers believe that people can stand before God without the need for a central authority. Catholic ch...


There are hundreds of different types of Baptist churches, but the two largest Baptist groups in the United States are the American Baptist Churches and the more conservative Southern Baptist Churches. There are about a dozen other major U.S. Baptist groups. Doctrine va...


Not all Baptist churches prescribe to an articles of faith. Because Baptists generally adhere to the autonomy of the local church, several Baptist churches, even denominations, do not possess an articles of faith.


The Methodist church shares many of the common tenets of other branches of Christianity. The teachings of John Wesley guide the beliefs of the Methodist church, and it places particular emphasis on social service and missionary work.


Calvary Baptist Church was founded in 1875. The names and locations of the church have changed over the years, but the core values have remained the same.


Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists differ in their beliefs about absolute authority, baptism, the Bible and absolution. They also believe differently about the value and meaning of Communion and how much authority to give church leaders.


Beliefs of the New Life Church include the idea that God created the universe and all things contained within it, that Jesus was the son of God, and that the Bible is God's word, written by mortals under divine influence. The New Life Church also believes in the Holy Sp...