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Thus tongues may be a manifestation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but tongues cannot be the manifestation. Furthermore, even if one does speak in tongues it is not a guarantee that they have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. For as Paul puts it, “If I speak in the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong ...


In the Bible the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" (Synoptic Gospels and Acts) is another way of referring to "the New Birth" and the "Indwelling Spirit" (John and Paul), not a separate "experience" itself. The spontaneous occurrence of speaking in tongues and prophecy has a logical cause in a sudden "filling" of the Holy Spirit.


Two Views on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are two major views on what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is. The first view is the traditional Pentecostal understanding. In this view, believers receive the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” evidenced by gift of the Holy Spirit, especially speaking in tongues.


Pentecostals believe that the same gift of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues “as the Spirit gives utterance (Acts 2:4)” which was first received at the inauguration of the New Testament Church on the Day of Pentecost is still promised for all true believers in the last days, even until the second coming of Jesus Christ.


On the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit fell upon the assembled believers and "all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues" (Acts 2:4). Later, as Peter was preaching at the house of Cornelius, "the Holy Spirit came on all who heard the message" and they were "speaking in tongues and praising God" (Acts 10:44 ...


by Luke Wayne 11/2/16. No, you don't have to speak in tongues if you receive the Holy Spirit.God gives different spiritual gifts to different believers so that we will be able to bless and edify one another. As Paul explained to the Corinthians: 1 Corinthians 12:4, "Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.


I'm all for the Baptism of the Spirit and speaking in tongues. I'm just saying that speaking in tongues is not like demonic possesion, where you are not in control, don't know/remember what's going on, and the evil spirit just physically controls your body. A lot of Christians think that speaking in tongues is something like that.


I had had a few real experiences with the Spirit but I did not know at that time that speaking in tongues was the evidence of Spirit baptism. Late one evening in mid December, 1976, I was kicked back in my Lazy-Boy recliner reading a paperback book about receiving the baptism of the holy Spirit.


I do not see from Scripture that this filling by the Holy Spirit constitutes a second baptism, nor do I see that speaking in tongues is a necessary accompaniment of being filled with the Spirit. Sometimes these different opinions are really only differences in semantics.


They yielded, and the Holy Ghost came in speaking. They all spoke with tongues as the Holy Spirit gave utterance. The Holy Ghost used man’s tongue, man’s vocal organs, but the mind of man was not included in the speaking. The Holy Ghost baptism in Acts marked the birth of the Church.