A bank teller assessment test is a test that people are sometimes required to take to get a job at a bank. The test examines certain necessary qualities, such as organization, time management, technical skills and self-d... More »

Bank tellers must have a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for a position. New bank tellers receive on-the-job training from head tellers or other experienced bank tellers. More »

Bank teller assessment tests cover an applicant's ability to communicate with appropriate language, basic math skills, level of attention to detail and personality traits. The assessment helps the bank to determine if an... More »

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Some job duties of a bank teller include taking deposits, disbursing cash withdrawals, opening accounts, processing utility payments, cashing checks and processing foreign exchange transactions. Bank tellers mainly assis... More »

A bank teller's assessment test assesses the applicant's numerical math skills, customer communication abilities, general language ability, attention to detail, coding and customer-relations situations that commonly aris... More »

The primary duty of a bank teller is to exchange money for checks upon verifying that the account has sufficient funds, numerical and written information match and signatures are correct. Additionally, a bank taller bala... More »

Interview questions for a bank teller often include scenario questions related to tasks the candidate is expected to complete while on the job, such as "How would you convince a customer to become a client of this bank?"... More »