articles, and are among the online stores that offer woodworking bandsaws for sale, as of 2015. These stores offer different models of the saws with different features. More »

Used band saws are for sale on, and Between them, these websites have hundreds of used band saws available, and a majority of them are in good working condition. More »

Amazon and eBay both provide an online marketplace for sellers to put their used band saws and other power tools up for sale or auction. These sites give posted goods huge exposure and let buyers search for them via keyw... More »

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The Delta Power Equipment Corporation offers woodworking equipment such as drill presses, lathes, sanders, grinders and a wide variety of saws. Customers can view the company's full catalog on its website. Delta also pro... More »

Central Machinery, Marvel and General International are all brands that manufacture metal-cutting band saws. Metal-cutting band saws typically offer a range of blade speeds, allowing users to adjust cutting speeds depend... More »

Used band saws are available online from, and The prices differ by websites and other factors, including brand and model. and allow buyers to compare prices ... More »

As of 2015, Rockler offers a variety of woodworking tools, including router jigs, table saw jigs and band saw jigs. In addition, Rockler also provides customers with several jig parts, kits and installation jigs. More »