To prune a banana tree, allow the stalk to produce fruit until it is ripe. The ideal moment to harvest bananas is when they turn light green. Cut the fruit with a sharp knife, and remove the stalk from the plant by cutti... More »

Finding a tree pruning company depends on factors such as accreditation of the company, its reputation, pricing and cost. Ensure that the tree pruning company has a license to perform tree pruning tasks before hiring the... More »

The cost for tree pruning averages between $250 and $500, reports The lowest cost reported is approximately $75, whereas the highest cost reported is around $1000 or sometimes even higher, as of October ... More »

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Care for a banana tree during the winter by trimming and covering the tree to protect it from colder weather. Banana trees require protection of their underground rhizomes during the winter. Protecting the pseudo stem al... More »

Care for a banana tree in the winter by cutting back banana stems and leaves prior to the first frost and covering the remaining crown with heavy mulch. Alternatively, move hardy banana trees to containers, and keep them... More »

Careful pruning of a pear tree improves the yield of fruit produced by allowing more sunlight to reach the center of the tree, increasing air circulation and supporting the health of the tree. Late winter pruning produce... More »

Papaya trees produce exotic, tropical fruit, and grow up to 30 feet tall. Because they are fairly susceptible to pests, fungi and diseases, it is important to observe them carefully and treat them as needed. More »