Baltic Brown granite countertops are made from a coarse-grained granite slab with a largely brown color palette, according to Fireplace & Granite Distributors in Charlotte, N.C. Baltic Brown granite has a black backgroun... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Some examples of cheaper granite colors are Ubatuba, Verde Butterfly, Luna Pearl and Baltic Brown. These colors are all considered part of the Group A category of granite. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Choosing surfaces embedded with a mixture of different materials and colors complementing the kitchen color palette or using a mix of colored recycled glass pieces to imitate granite countertops are good tips for using g... More » Home & Garden Kitchen
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Applying faux granite finishing to a countertop involves cleaning the cabinet, protecting the working area from paint, smoothing the countertop surface, priming the surface, applying base color paint, applying granite ac... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

According to Precision Stoneworks, the resealing schedule for a granite surface depends on the color of the granite. Once a year is sufficient for dark, dense stones, while light-colored granite may require resealing as ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Corian is a man-made material, while granite is a naturally occurring stone. describes the formation of granite as a slow crystallization of magma within the Earth. The site also goes on to explain that grani... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

The most popular types of kitchen countertops are stone, such as granite, quartz, marble, limestone and soapstone. Other popular kitchen countertop materials include laminate, solid surface, recycled glass and butcher bl... More » Home & Garden Kitchen