Baltic Brown granite countertops are made from a coarse-grained granite slab with a largely brown color palette, according to Fireplace & Granite Distributors in Charlotte, N.C. Baltic Brown granite has a black backgroun... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Some examples of cheaper granite colors are Ubatuba, Verde Butterfly, Luna Pearl and Baltic Brown. These colors are all considered part of the Group A category of granite. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Choosing surfaces embedded with a mixture of different materials and colors complementing the kitchen color palette or using a mix of colored recycled glass pieces to imitate granite countertops are good tips for using g... More » Home & Garden Kitchen
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Applying faux granite finishing to a countertop involves cleaning the cabinet, protecting the working area from paint, smoothing the countertop surface, priming the surface, applying base color paint, applying granite ac... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

According to Precision Stoneworks, the resealing schedule for a granite surface depends on the color of the granite. Once a year is sufficient for dark, dense stones, while light-colored granite may require resealing as ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

Corian is a man-made material, while granite is a naturally occurring stone. describes the formation of granite as a slow crystallization of magma within the Earth. The site also goes on to explain that grani... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

To save money on a granite countertop, avoid rare colors and patterns, use a granite remnant, consider a pre-fabricated granite countertop, and choose a basic edge treatment. Cheaper alternatives to slab granite countert... More » Home & Garden Kitchen