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Names of Ballroom Dance Steps by Dance Style · Waltz · Tango · Viennese Waltz · Foxtrot · Quickstep · Cha Cha · Samba · Rumb...


Standard Dances are 5 dances performed in contact between dancers. There are Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep.


Different Types of Ballroom Dances. International Style · Viennese Waltz. The contemporary Viennese waltz is the original form of the waltz, and is a ballroom ...


Waltz · Foxtrot · Tango · Cha Cha · Rumba · Samba · Salsa · East Coast Swing.


Ballroom Song List (By Dance) · Bolero · Bossa Nova · Cha Cha · Country 2 Step · Cumbia · East Coast Swing · Foxtrot · Hustl...


There are two styles of Ballroom Dance: American and International. Both styles have a progression system, (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and an organized syllabus ( ...


Click on any of the tempos in the table below (in the MPM, DanceSport, or NDCA columns) to go to a list of songs of that tempo; Click on the dance names to ...


You will use this dance at so many types of dances; ballrooms, clubs, cruise ships, weddings...and the list goes [...].


Standard & Smooth Dances are often thought of and referred to as Ballroom Dances. Foxtrot, Slow Waltz, Viennese Waltz, and Tango are found in both disciplines.


Competitive “ballroom” dancing, or “Dance Sport” in the USA takes place under the Rules of ... Each dance has a list of recognized steps associated with it.


Lindy Hop · Not so popular now-days swing dances: · Charlston · Balboa · Shag · Jitterbug · Boogie-woogie · Other Popular Partner d...