Some of the best-known ballet steps and movements are the pirouette, pli?, bris? and chass?. These terms, like most of the words used in ballet terminology, are French. The website of the American Ballet Theatre provides... More » Art & Literature

Business casual to formal attire is standard for most people attending a ballet performance in the United States. For opening night, more formal attire is appropriate. While people do wear jeans and other casual attire, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Some ballets featured in cinema include "Jewels," "La Sylphide," "The Pharaoh's Daughter," "Lost Illusions" and "Marco Spada," all performed by the Bolshoi Ballet filmed live in Moscow. Ballet in cinema can be found onli... More » Art & Literature
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In ballet terminology, a leap is called a grand jeté and a turn is called a pirouette. These are the most common names for turns and leaps, but others include entrechat, carbiole, assemblé, chaînés and piqué. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes

Dancing with a turnboard requires performing a pirouette as usual, but with the dancer's foot flat on the turnboard instead of on pointe. Using a turnboard allows dancers to practice elements of pirouettes, such as arm p... More » Art & Literature

Some advantages to kids taking ballet classes are that they gain a sense of discipline, learn to follow instructions, learn coordination and get exercise. Other benefits include increased comfort in performing in front o... More » Art & Literature

One tip for adults taking ballet classes is to master pliés early, as they are the one of the most common moves in ballet and can result in painful shin splints if not executed properly. Another tip is to be patient and ... More » Art & Literature