A spring balance uses the extension of a spring to measure a force. Spring scales, such as are often found in supermarkets, are a common type of spring balance. The spring balance relies on Hooke's Law, which states that... More » Science Measurements

A spring balance is a weighing apparatus used in industries to measure the mass of different loads. It is also used in science experiments as a basic accelerometer. Spring balances are not legal for use in trade because ... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

After losing their leaves during the winter season, trees begin to grow new leaves and flowers once again in spring. According to Top Marks, this occurs because with the coming of spring, soil and air temperatures start ... More » Science Biology Botany
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Digital scales use the strain gauge load cell to convert the force of a given weight to an electric signal. Unlike analog scales, digital ones give weights as an instant digital readout. More » Science Measurements

Lock washers work by applying a spring force against the nut or bolt head. Different lock washers perform this function in slightly different ways, but the basic concept is to hold the nut and bolt in place. Some lock wa... More » Home & Garden Kitchen

One kilonewton (kN) equals 224.81 pounds of force. Although the pound is used as a unit of both mass and force, a pound-force differs from a pound-mass. A pound-force is the force required to accelerate a mass of 1 pound... More » Science Measurements

Examples of different types of scales include spring scales, floor scales, platform scales and bench scales. Some more rudimentary scale types include equal-arm beam scales, pendulum scales and steelyard scales. More » Science Measurements