Badminton is played by volleying a small item called a shuttlecock back and forth over a high narrow net using light long-handled rackets. Two opposing players, or two opposing pairs, take positions on opposite halves of... More »

Some sports equipment items that begin with the letter O are oars, outrigger skis, and overgrips. These items are used in the sports of rowing, paraskiing and tennis, respectively. More » Education

Pickleball was invented by Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum in the summer of 1965. It was originally an improvised game designed to make use of badminton equipment in the absence of a proper set of rackets. More »

Badminton is a sport that involves the volleying of a shuttlecock over a net with the use of rackets. Badminton is an aerobic sport that can be played for pleasure or for competition. More »

The objective of badminton is for an opposing player to attempt to land the shuttlecock on the opposing player’s side of the court. A point is earned by forcing the opposing side to miss the shuttlecock with their racque... More »

Badminton has its origins in the ancient sport of battledore and shuttlecock that was first played more than 2000 years ago in ancient Europe and Asia. A contemporary form of badminton is recorded as having been first pl... More »

Badminton uses lingo and terminology specific to the sport, including alley, backcourt, balk, carry, clear, drive, fault, flick, kill, hairpin shot, racket, shuttlecock, smash and wood shot. Badminton terms include let, ... More »