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The main resistance mechanism to aminoglycosides in pathogenic bacteria is due to enzymatic detoxification. Target alteration of 16S RNA or of certain ribosomal.


Oct 29, 2009 ... This video is from Venki Ramakrishnan's group at the LMB in Cambridge, UK. It shows the ribosome in action, translating RNA into protein.


Aug 1, 2020 ... Bacterial ribosomes are one of the major targets for antibiotics. These antibiotics prevent the bacteria from synthesising its own proteins due to ...


Jul 18, 2020 ... The ribosome is a universal biosynthesis machine present in all eukaryotes and prokaryotes. A bacterial ribosome comprised the small (30S) ...


The ribosome is the ribonucleoprotein machine that carries out protein biosynthesis ... with premature small subunit rRNA during bacterial ribosome biogenesis†.


The bacterial ribosomes are sufficiently different from mammalian ribosomes that they can be selectively inhibited by pharmacological agents. Bacterial ...


Ribosomes are in charge of protein synthesis. ... and bacteria are utilized to make antibiotics that can crush bacterial disease without damaging human cells.


Unwinding of this helix then allows for a new ribosome to bind and synthesize a new protein, SecA, a bacterial ATP-driven translocase that aids the passage of ...


Ribosomes are the site of protein synthesis in a bacterial cell which lies freely in the cytoplasm. 70S ribosomes are present in the bacterial cell which has 30S ...


Sep 25, 2020 ... The bacterial ribosomal tunnel is equipped with numerous sites highly ... The ribosome complex called as 70S in bacteria is formed by the ...