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Pink salt, also known as curing salt No. 1, is a nitrate, a combination of sodium chloride — table salt — and nitrite, a preserving agent used to deter the growth of bacteria in cured meats. Bacon is cured in the refrigerator, then slow roasted, and finally cooked again before serving.


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When you cure your own bacon, you control the quality of the meat and the ingredients it is cured with! Here's how to cure bacon at home. When you cure your own bacon, you get to control the quality of the meat and the ingredients it is cured with! ... Is there a recipe for curing one pound of sliced bacon at a time. I assume it will take less ...


Get Homemade Bacon Recipe from Food Network. 5 pounds pork belly, skin on. 1/4 cup kosher salt. 2 teaspoons pink curing salt


8 Steps to Making Your Own Bacon at Home By Steven Raichlen. ... Season and rub it on both sides with the cure as described in the recipe. Place the belly in a large, sturdy, resealable plastic bag in a foil pan or roasting pan on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.


Smokin' 101 is over, this recipe cures homemade bacon in true Master Chef style. That cold smoker on the side of your Traeger allows you choose what wood pellet flavor you cure your bacon with.


Home curing is easy and yields a far more flavorful bacon than the store-bought kind. What's more, you can season the bacon any way you like; this recipe calls for a rub of fennel, caraway ...


Curing your own bacon, at least once, is a great and satisfying experience for any meat enthusiast. Here's the recipe to make and cure your own bacon. Jess Pryles


Mix together the syrup, sugar, kosher salt, pink curing salt and pepper, and massage into the belly until mostly absorbed. Seal the bag and refrigerate for 7 days. After 7 days, rinse the belly and pat dry.


You can order curing salt from online retailers such as www.sausagemaker.com; I recommend Insta-Cure #1. In this recipe, I offer three ways to smoke the bacon. In this recipe, I offer three ways to smoke the bacon.