Provided a pond does not freeze solid and is of the appropriate depth, goldfish should be able to survive the winter. If the pond is very shallow — such as with a backyard pond — or freezes into one complete block of ice... More »

To design a backyard pond, decide where you want to place the pond, the size of the pond, and what kinds of animals and landscaping you want. Then, choose materials for the pond. Use a rope or hose to lay out the pond's ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some backyard pond designs include contemporary, koi, natural and elaborate designs, among others, as noted by the Landscaping Network, HGTV and Popular Mechanics websites. Ponds should feature moving water to discourage... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes

Types of goldfish that have oversized eyes include bubble eyes, celestials, telescopes and black moors. A fifth type of large-eyed goldfish is the demekin, which is a cross between the telescope variety and the arch-bodi... More »

Goldfish hover near a shelter at the bottom of the tank for short periods throughout the night when sleeping. Goldfish don't have eyelids, so when sleeping it can appear that they are just being inactive. More »

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the world's largest goldfish in 2013 as being 18.7 inches long. In 2013, a goldfish caught in Lake Tahoe weighed 4.2 pounds and measured 1.5 feet long. Many other cases of goldfis... More »

Goldfish usually do best when fed two or three times per day. At each feeding, it is best to put a small amount of food in the tank. If the goldfish eats all the food within one or two minutes, a second helping of simila... More »