A background check is a targeted search, usually conducted by a potential employer, of certain aspects of a person's past, financial and legal records, with the express purpose of assuring that person does not expose the... More »

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The only way to pass a criminal background check is either to have a clean criminal record or to have existing criminal records expunged. Any convictions that appear in state or county public records can show up on a bac... More »

Background checks differ for teachers by state; however, most background checks consist of a thorough check into a person's criminal history, if one exists. While the aim of most checks is to uncover felonies and heinous... More »

The depth of a background check depends on the type of information being sought, the policies of the record-keeping organization or agency and the parameters established by the person or entity who is conducting the sear... More »

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Criminal records can be obtained via background check, or a federal or state level court record search. Many online criminal record search options are available for persons wanting to obtain a copy of their personal crim... More »

A SLED background check is a criminal record search made through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. The SLED Citizens Access to Criminal Histories, or CATCH, program, allows people to perform online criminal re... More »

Perform an online personal background check by accessing various types of public records - including vital records, driving records and criminal or court records - to obtain information about the person’s personal, profe... More »

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