To back up the contact information for your Android phone, sign in to your Google account on your phone and then access the settings screen, choose Backup and Restore from the list of settings, and then follow the on-scr... More » Technology Mobile

To backup the contacts on a cell phone, go to the Contacts application, tap the Menu button, select Import/Export and then choose the storage location. Although there are other ways to backup contacts on a cell phone, th... More » Technology Mobile

Use apps such as Androidsoft Assistant and SyncDroid to back up Android contacts to a computer. MobileGo's Androidsoft Assistant is available at, while SyncDroid is available at, as of... More » Technology Mobile

Syncing email, calendar dates and contacts on an Android phone happens automatically using Google's servers, but other files such as music must be synced separately. This can be achieved using third-party software, such ... More » Technology Mobile

To configure the T-Mobile GPRS settings on an Android phone, select the Menu option on the home screen, and open Settings. Select Wireless and Networks and open the Mobile Networks option. Select the Access Point Names a... More » Technology Mobile

Google saves all contacts on Android phones automatically to the associated Google account. If for some reason the numbers did not save, they can be imported by finding and selecting "import" in the contact application. More »

The easiest way to back up an Android phone is to use an app such as Ultimate Backup, Super Backup, Easy Backup & Restore or Helium. Each of these applications provides backup service that is convenient and free. More » Technology Mobile