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According to All About Vision, 20/15 eyesight is a measurement of visual acuity used in optometry, relating to eye test charts. The numbers indicate distance from the chart in feet.


Communication between the eye and the brain in order to represent external stimuli as images is the key to human eyesight. The visible part of the eye is where the process of eyesight begins.


Generally, the majority of spiders have poor eyesight despite the fact that some species have six to eight eyes. A spider’s vision is capable of detecting quick movements and changes in light intensity, but spiders do not depend on their eyesight when catching prey.


According to Dr. Peter Hanfileti, based on the work of optometrist Mark Grossman, there are several ways to improve eyesight naturally, including eye exercises, taking supplements and eating healthy foods that support the eyes. Grossman also recommends acupressure and massage to increase blood flow


The mantis shrimp is believed to have the most complex eyesight of any animal, including humans. This marine animal has a much wider visual spectrum than any other animal, with an ability to see colors that humans can't see.


Vitamins A, C and E are considered beneficial to eye health, according to WebMD. Omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid and minerals such as zinc, selenium and lutein are also important to eye health.


According to Dr. Mao Shing Ni for The Dr. Oz Show website, some of the ways an individual can improve his eyesight are to eat the right foods, exercise the eyes and make sure the eyes get plenty of rest. Some doctors recommend massages as a way to increase the flow of blood to the eyes and acupunctu


Some of the ways to improve bad eyesight include eating foods rich in nutrients such as zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, quitting smoking and wearing sunglasses, explains WebMD. People should avoid staring at the computer screen for too long as this can cause blurry vision and dry eyes. The screen shou


Human eyesight deteriorates with age because the essential parts of the eye lose freshness and functionality in time and with extended use. Examples of issues related to decreased function of a specific part of the eye include problems with near-sight vision (otherwise known as presbyopia) and issue


Natural techniques that can improve eyesight include maintaining a healthy diet, taking breaks during work, getting enough sleep, and performing eye exercises, according to Natural Vision Improvement. Massaging and applying heat to eyes also helps preserve their health.