The average weight of a calf at birth is 63.6 pounds for females. Male calves weigh about 5 percent more at birth. The size of the heifer, temperature and maternal nutrition all influence a calf's birth weight. More »

A baby cow is called a calf. Adult male cows are called bulls. Adult female cows are called heifers until they give birth; after they have given birth, they are called cows. More »

A baby antelope is known as a calf. The gestation period of the female antelope varies by species and can be as short as four months or as long as nine months. More »

The average weight of males and females at 13 years of age is 100 and 101 pounds, respectively, according to Disabled World health experts. The weight of young adults this age ultimately depends on the height, gender and... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

Although both are female bovines, one difference between them is that a heifer is a young female under the age of 3 years while a cow is an older female that has given birth to a calf. The term "heifer" refers to a young... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Barnyard Mammals

Rearing a calf begins before birth by giving the cow a clean, dry area to calve, and then immediately after birth identifying the calf with an ear tag or neck strap, dipping the naval cord in iodine, tattooing both ears,... More »

A heifer is a mature female cow that has not calved, or given birth to a calf, yet. As soon as a heifer gives birth, she becomes a cow. A cow refers to a female of any age that has given birth. More »