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A doctor that treats premature babies is called a neonatologist, as reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Neonatologists specialize in the complex care of premature newborn babies, and in some cases may also assist with the pregnancy before birth and during labor.


The youngest premature baby to survive was born after 21 weeks and five days of gestation in Frankfurt, Germany, according to Fox News. Her name is Freida, and she was born in November 2010. She weighed 1 pound at birth.


According to UNICEF article updated in May 2012, about 130 million babies are born each year. CNN notes that an accurate count of the worldwide birth rate is difficult since many countries don't register all new births.


Baby Center has several online educational videos of recorded live human births. Its series, "Inside Pregnancy," includes birth videos on natural live birth, epidural live birth, labor and birth, and c-section surgery. EasyBabyLife.com also provides educational videos, including natural birth in nat


The first baby born on New Year's Day gets a lot of media attention. The hospital or city where the baby is born may also give the parents a prize, ranging from a gift basket to a college scholarship.


People with a premature heartbeat that has no identifiable cause are likely to lead a normal life since the condition clears up over time, states the American Heart Association. A doctor recommends a treatment option if a cause is found. In many cases, the condition usually has no cause; however, so


Between 350,000 and 360,000 babies are born each day worldwide, though the numbers are prone to fluctuation over time. In December 2013, an estimated 4.3 births occurred every second. That means roughly 250 to 260 infants were born per minute.


According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 3,952,841 babies born annually in the United States, equalling about 10,829 births daily. In the United States, this birth rate equals 12.6 births per 1000 people annually. Throughout the world, there are 360,000 babies born


Smoking, sun exposure and repeated facial expressions can cause premature wrinkling of the skin, according to WebMD. A decrease in natural oils can also cause premature wrinkling.


On average, 4.5 babies are born per second across the world, based on information from August 2014. That is equal to 273 babies born per minute, according to the Population Reference Bureau. The large majority of those births happen in lesser developed countries, where 4.1 births occur per second.