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Baby deer are called Fawns. 5.0 1 vote 1 vote Rate! These are among some of the richest deciduous and coniferous forests in the world where one can find The highest concentration of large deer species in the tropics occurs in Southern Asia in India's Indo-Gangetic Plain Region and Nepal's Terai Region.


What is baby deer called? 25rx0162 +1 sikringbp and 1 … Take your pick. we have to write a poetry project thingy for language arts. They were initially park animals that later escaped and reestablished themselves in the wild. :)ok first of all a doe is a female deer and yes a baby deer is a fawna baby deer is not a doe, a female deer is a doe.


Baby deer are called Fawns. 5.0 1 vote 1 vote Rate! Rate! Thanks 3. Comments; Report Log in to add a comment mangharam Ace; Deer are a group of even-toed ungulate mammals they form the family cervidae a male deer is called stag or buck a female deer is called doe and a young deer is called fawn there are about 60 species of deer.


Sunday afternoon at Marks house in Laguna. Hollywood playing the Blues in the background, the rest of us trying to figure out what a baby deer is called. For some reason no one listened to me ...


A male deer is called a Buck a female deer is called a doe and a baby is a Fawn.


Male red deer are referred to as harts or stags, while the female red deer is referred to as a hind, while the baby is a fawn. The white-tailed male deer is a buck, or a stag, while the female is a doe, and the baby is a fawn. The moose -- a member of the deer family -- has very different names for their males and females.


The stag is not widely used but for old species, it is still used. Whereas buck is used widely and sometimes buck refers less mature male than a stag. You can learn more about deer-like what is a baby deer called, what is a group of deer called, female deer called, what should be used to screw on broadheads, etc. Sharing is caring!


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“Dear are a group of even-toed ungulate mammels .they form the family cervidae.a male dear is called “STAG or BUCK”,and a female dear is called “DOA” and a young dear is called “FAWN” there are about sixty species of dear. Hope u got ur answer..;-)


Female deer, called does, give birth to one to three young at a time, usually in May or June and after a gestation period of seven months. Young deer, called fawns, wear a reddish-brown coat with ...