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Super B Complex is a combination of essential B vitamins that help to provide the body with energy. It helps to prevent vitamin deficiency due to alcoholism, poor diet, pregnancy and certain health conditions.


B-complex vitamins may cause temporarily flushing or an upset stomach, and the vitamin is used to supplement a poor diet and prevent or treat vitamin deficiency, states WebMD. Vitamin deficiency can be caused by pregnancy, certain illnesses and alcoholism.


Vitamin B-100 complex addresses vitamin deficiency that may be due to causes including alcoholism, specific medical conditions, pregnancy or an inadequate diet, WebMD states. Vitamin B-100 complex consists of a combination of B vitamins, considered the モbuilding blocksヤ of the body, making it benefi


Vitamin B complex consists of eight vitamins that help in energy production, amino acid metabolism and cell division, according to eVitamins. Vitamin B complex is used in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions: It aids in healing wounds, canker sores, acne, alcohol withdrawals, heartburn and


The American Cancer Society recommends whole grains, liver, peanuts, leafy vegetables and eggs as rich sources of vitamin B. No one specific food provides the whole vitamin B complex, but supplements are also available.


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Vitamin B-12 shots are taken to boost energy and are recommended for individuals who are unable to absorb dietary B-12 through specific foods, according to SFGate. B-12 is a nutrient that aids the heart and brain and also supplements the creation of red blood cells.


While vitamin B-12 can boost energy, concentration and mood in people suffering from deficiencies of the vitamin, it cannot do so for people who already receive sufficient vitamin B-12, according to Healthline. The average adult only needs 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 daily.


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The benefits of vitamin B-12 include its support of the central nervous system, the skin, hair, liver and eyes, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. However, high levels of vitamin B-12 can imbalance the other B vitamins, which should work in concert. Vitamin B-12 also can cause n