AXE deodorant contains fragrance, ethanol/SD alcohol 40, polyaminopropyl biguanide stearate and 1,1-difluoroethane. The exact fragrance in the deodorant varies among the different scents that the brand carries. More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene Deodorant

According to CVS's online description of AXE Body Spray, the ingredients in this product are alcohol, butane, hydrofluorocarbon 152A, fragrance, and polyaminopropyl biguanide sterate. AXE Body Spray is made by the Unilev... More » Beauty & Fashion Perfume & Cologne

Most deodorants contain a combination of aluminum-based compounds, synthetic fragrances, emollient oils, polyethylene glycol distearates and alcohol. Additionally, many deodorants contain talcum powder and preservatives,... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene Deodorant
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Deodorant that is not an antiperspirant does not keep a person from sweating, but does mask, reduce or eliminate the odor associated with perspiration. Non-antiperspirant deodorant works by neutralizing the odor-producin... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene Deodorant

Tussy deodorant is a brand of deodorant and antiperspirant that has been sold since 1925. It is available in the original cream style and modern roll-on form. More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene Deodorant

Tickle deodorant was a roll-on deodorant that was manufactured in the 1970s and came in four different colors and scents. The colors were orange, green, pink and blue, and the scents were citrus, herbal, floral and unsce... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene Deodorant

Some deodorants carry expiration dates on their packaging because they also include antiperspirants, but deodorants not containing antiperspirant do not expire. The aluminum salts in antiperspirant expire, but solid deod... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene Deodorant