To download the free AVG AntiVirus software, select it on This downloads the installation software. From there, follow each instruction as it appears on the computer screen. More » Technology Software

To download the AVG antivirus software for free, navigate to, hover over the PC or Mac button, depending on your platform, and select the AVG AntiVirus Free option. If you want to download and install AVG on mult... More » Technology Software

AVG Secure Search is a form of hijacking malware that accompanies some suspicious free downloads. AVG Secure Search is not a virus, but it changes some computer settings, such as adding the AVG toolbar, changing the brow... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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To download free virus protection, navigate to, click the Free Download button on the page, and click the Free Download button again to start downloading the free virus protection software that is compatible with... More » Technology Software

When installing free virus protection software, users should try popular programs that the online community frequently uses. These programs are thoroughly tested and reviewed, allowing new users to determine how well eac... More » Technology Software

Interactive Voice Response offers free caller ID software for download on its website. The program alerts computer users of incoming calls with speech or a melody. The software also sends incoming calls to the computer u... More » Technology Software

Free hard drive cleaning software is available to download for free from and as of 2015. Informational sites such and highlight well-reviewed hard drive... More » Technology Software