To download the free AVG AntiVirus software, select it on This downloads the installation software. From there, follow each instruction as it appears on the computer screen. More » Technology Software

To download the AVG antivirus software for free, navigate to, hover over the PC or Mac button, depending on your platform, and select the AVG AntiVirus Free option. If you want to download and install AVG on mult... More » Technology Software

AVG Secure Search is a form of hijacking malware that accompanies some suspicious free downloads. AVG Secure Search is not a virus, but it changes some computer settings, such as adding the AVG toolbar, changing the brow... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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As of 2015, reviews for AVG AntiVirus software from, and are generally positive, and note its good detection results in antivirus lab tests; however, states that its malware... More » Technology Software

There are two ways to uninstall the AVG Antivirus program from a Windows PC or laptop. Using the Add/Remove Programs method is the most simple and straightforward, however, manual removal using the AVG Remover tool an al... More » Technology Software

To remove AVG Secure Search, you need to uninstall the software through the Add or Remove Programs function in Windows 7 that can be accessed via Control Panel. Once the software has been uninstalled, remove it from your... More » Technology Software

To remove AVG in Windows 7, uninstall the program from the Programs and Features list in the Control Panel. Download the AVG Remover utility from the official AVG website, and use it to remove the remaining traces and fi... More » Technology Software