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The average sale price per square foot in Washington, DC is $559, up 16.8% since last year.


The neighborhoods in DC with the highest real estate prices per square foot in 2020 are all concentrated in the NW quadrant of the city. ... read » ...


Feb 3, 2017 ... In general, the average price per square foot for the 20 researched neighborhoods seemed to hover around $615 to $700. • Washington, D.C. ...


May 12, 2017 ... Median price per square foot: $86. $300,000 buys you: 3,478 square feet. View of downtown Lafayette from John T. Meyers Pedestrian Bridge ...


Oct 30, 2020 ... Using the price per square foot (price PSF) to value commercial real estate is not one of the three formal valuation methods (cost approach, ...


May 7, 2020 ... The median price in 2019 for a square foot of apartment space in Manhattan was $1,319 — 46% above the citywide median. That makes it NYC's ...


Learn the average price per square foot for each state. Use our map infographic to learn how expensive your state is.


Building Cost Per Square Foot. Home building costs $100 to $200 per square foot with the average landing right around $150 per square foot. The price you will ...


Sep 4, 2019 ... Washington, DC ranks as one of the most expensive office markets in the ... in Northwest DC, with the median price hitting $800 per square foot.


Therefore, the average per square foot cost is about $192—the total divided by the five properties.