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If you know the value of a piece of property in a specific year, you can calculate ... Average farm real estate values (land and buildings) per acre, 1912 to 1991.


This year's respondents reported the value of good non-irrigated cropland at $5,555 per acre, up $134 or 2 percent above last year. The average statewide ...


Jan 29, 2020 ... If you ask Google this question, you'll get answers ranging from about $3,000 to $4,500 per acre. In reality, however, land values vary so much ...


Browse agricultural land sales across the U.S. View land prices, acreage, land use, ... Total Acres. 384.8. AVG CSR2. 23. Land Use. Pasture, Cropland. 1. Acres.


Average Farmland Value (Price Per Acre): $6,754. Average Farmland Value for South Central Iowa: $4,658. Highest Known Farmland Sale in County: Average ...


LMA reports non-size-adjusted median prices for 33 smaller localized land ... Price Alabama Land Price Data Real Median Price Per Acre Nominal Median Price ...


Sep 8, 2020 ... This statistic shows the average value per acre of farm real estate in the United States from 1970 to 2020.


Aug 13, 2019 ... At $4,950 per acre, Wisconsin's average land value is above the national average of $3,160. California saw the largest increase in agricultural ...


Average and Fair land prices actually experienced price increases in the data set . ... Change in rate. Avg. Cash Rent. % Change Avg. Cash Rent/Ac. Per Acre.


Aug 6, 2020 ... USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. Farm Real Estate Average Value per Acre – Regions, States, and United States: 2016-2020.