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The average power formula is P = ?E /?t = (Final E - Initial E)/(Final t - Initial t), where "P" is average power, "E" is energy and "t" is time. The average power is equal to the change in energy over the change in time.


To calculate the average of a group of numbers, first add the numbers together and then divide by the amount of numbers that are in the group. The formula for average is: sum/(quantity of numbers.)


Average rate of change refers to the degree to which a quantity increases or decreases in comparison to changes in another quantity. The generic rate of change formula divides the change in the quantity of interest by the change of the comparison quantity.


The average function on Excel allows you to find the average of a list of numbers, named ranges, arrays or cell references. This project takes just a few minutes and requires only a computer with Microsoft Excel and the data to be averaged.


The average variable cost formula is AVC = VC(Q). Average variable costs represent a company's variable costs divided by the quantity of products produced in a particular period of time. Variable costs are those that vary or alter based on the amount of product produced...


Sample mean is calculated by finding the sum of all terms in the selected sample and dividing this figure by the total number of terms. This formula is used to compute the average of the data collected.


A formula equation is a visual representation of a reaction using chemical formulas. A chemical formula is an expression that states the number and types of atoms that make up any given molecule using the symbols for the elements and sub-scripted numbers.