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(Calculated from data in the Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels, U.S. Average, November 19). What can a family eat on a thrifty grocery budget? Now that you’ve had a chance to look at the average food costs for your family, you might be wondering, what does someone eat on this lower budget?


Grocery budgets for a family of two vary depending on where you live and what you need to purchase. The USDA provides a monthly average that you can use as a comparison. Take some time to track your past or present spending and then use that information to come up with your monthly grocery budget.


The government's chart represents a diet that is nutritious, based on the 2005 My Pyramid diet recommendations, the 1997-2005 Dietary Reference Intakes and the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans at four budget levels separated by gender.. Single Male Average Weekly Food Expenses. To calculate monthly figures, multiply each amount by 4 1/2 -- the average number of weeks in a month.


The average household spends most of its food budget on groceries ($4,363 / 5.9% PTI), but it also spends a decent amount of money going out to eat ($3,365 / 4.5% PTI). The takeaway for most ...


Food isn’t cheap -- and neither is dining out -- unless the golden arches is your favorite place to splurge. As tempting as a bag of plastic-wrapped noodles is to your wallet, don’t give in. Set up a monthly food budget that includes healthy home-made meals, and opportunities for dining out, and stick to it.


Average Household Budget in the U.S. The average income in the U.S., by household, was $63,784 in 2013, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here’s how the average household budget breaks down: ... The average cost of food per month is $550 (that’s $6,602 each year).


Transportation accounts are the second-largest budget item for most people, with average monthly expenses of $813, including vehicle purchase and gasoline. 3. Food Everyone’s gotta eat—and most spend an average $660 on monthly groceries and eating out. 4. Utility bills


Real Food Diet Budget = $5 a day per person. So, just $5 per day each. That’s $2 less per person per day than the average USDA food budget. For a family of 4 that is $600 per month, with some families coming in a lot lower. The average USDA monthly food budget for that same family is $840.


Knowing the average cost of food per month for one person can be really helpful when considering your own budget, especially if you want to decrease costs. Many other resources tend to talk about grocery budgets or meal planning in relation to families of four, but this article breaks down the average grocery bill for one.


Some recurring expenses in your budget are the same each month, which makes them easy to anticipate. But some budget lines are harder to keep consistent—food, for instance. Food is a necessity ...