The average American household water bill is $45 per month as of 2014. Monthly water bills vary according to place of residence, the rate of water consumption and utility infrastructure improvements. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Jenny Craig's food costs $15 to $23 daily and consists of pre-portioned, packaged items, according to U.S. News, as of 2015. Weight Watchers costs about $43 per month for membership dues, but dieters on this plan purchas... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

For a month subscription to Lumosity, it costs $14.95 as of 2015. There are various other subscription options, including a one and two year commitment, or a lifetime subscription. More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games
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Exterior French drains cost approximately $10 to $30 per linear foot, based on the depth and width of the drain, according to Cost Helper. A 50 foot drain may cost anywhere from $500 to $1500. Other factors affecting pri... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Some factors that determine the cost of plumbing services by the hour are the type of appliance being repaired, the extent of the damage and the price of replacement parts. A plumber's rates can also vary by the region i... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Know how to properly care for a septic system by knowing when to pump a septic tank, how to manage the drainfield and household water usage, and what items should never go down the drain. Managing the septic system well ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing

Some cures for water hammer in household plumbing systems include installing air chambers, adding air to existing ones, or installing water hammer arresters. Water hammer arresters provide the most permanent cure without... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Plumbing