To extend the battery life of a laptop, limit the amount of power your laptop is currently consuming. You can do this by reducing the number of processes that your computer is running and avoiding heavy processes that re... More » Technology Computers & Hardware conducted a comprehensive survey of the laptop market in 2015, with Apple, Dell, HP and MSI offering the best overall ratings. Laptops in this survey were rated by hardware features such as performance, bat... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Features that make tablets superior to laptops include display technology and battery life. Tablets are also smaller and lighter than laptops, which make tablets easier to carry around. Tasks that primarily involve point... More » Technology Mobile
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Generally, if the laptop is plugged in but not charging the battery properly, it is a sign of a problem with the DC power jack. Other common signs include a flickering screen that can occur when the power switches arbitr... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

HP laptop users can reset their computers by unplugging the power cable and any USB devices, draining power from the battery, starting Windows and running HP Support Assistant. They can also run Windows Update to find fi... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

According to the Microsoft Windows, a person can use his laptop away from home by staying connected to the Internet and making the laptop’s battery last. For Windows users, an easy way to prepare a laptop for outdoor use... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The term "PC" usually refers to a desktop computer that lacks a battery and is designed for use on a desk; the terms notebook and laptop typically refer to portable computers with integrated batteries and screens. The te... More » Technology Computers & Hardware