Zuken and Smartdraw make automotive wiring diagram software. Some of the software systems are designed for industrial engineering applications, while others can be operated by less experienced users. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

A vehicle's electrical control module measures and controls the changes within the motor of a combustion engine. The vehicle's ECM wiring diagram is used to map the source of electrical errors within the ECM, allowing in... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Learn automotive wiring techniques by taking classes at a local vocational-technical college. Workshops or seminars and online support sites that offer tips and tricks can also be used to learn wiring. More » Technology
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Websites that offer a wiring diagram for a 24-volt system include, and These websites show how users can connect several battery units to create a 24-volt system. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

Three-way electrical wiring makes it possible to control a single electronic receptacle (or group of receptacles) from two different locations. This type of wiring is commonly used in residential spaces to control lighti... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

To bury electrical wiring, determine the appropriate depth for the wire according to local building codes, dig a trench to the recommended depth, and install the conduit and wire. Install a service entrance, and cover th... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

Connect a backup generator to the wiring of a home using a transfer switch. The switch connects the generator to the circuits in the house you want to power when the electrical grid is not working. It prevents the genera... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical