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Some well-known manufacturers of automotive batteries are DieHard Batteries, Optima and Kirkland Signature, as stated on CarsDirect.com. Car battery price and quality vary depending on brand.


To complete an automobile fuel tank repair, first use a car jack to safely raise the car to a height that allows placement of jack stands under the car, then place jack stands underneath the vehicle. Locate the fuel tank leak, and use sandpaper to sand 1 1/2 to 2 inches...


An automotive gas strut is a rigid rod that produces structure in an automobile to the object upon which it is mounted inside the vehicle. Struts allow for minor movement, but a gas strut is not intended for full-on lifting; however, gas struts use stored pressure to as...


Norwesco is a company that manufactures plastic tanks, specializing in polyethylene tanks for agriculture, water and septic applications. Another company that manufactures plastic tanks is Chem-Tainer Industries, which specializes in tanks for chemicals, water and mater...


Many small gas tank leaks can be repaired using an epoxy compound, often without removing the gas tank from a vehicle. However, the precise steps involved in a gas tank repair vary according to the design of the vehicle and the severity of damage to the tank.


To clean a gas tank, set an approved gas container on the ground, assemble a siphon, insert one end of the hose into the gas tank and one in the gas container, pump the siphon handle, and withdraw the hose. This 10-minute procedure requires a gas container, a screwdrive...


As of August 2015, good gas tank cleaning products for automobiles include Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus, Red Line Complete and Royal Purple Max-Clean. Each averages a rating of at least 4.5 stars in Amazon.com's five-star user rating system.