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The transmission shifts into the first and then to second gear but does not move into the third gear. It seems that the gear slips into neutral when you push it to the third. Another instance could be the automatic transmission won’t shift into 3rd gear at all. It smoothly glides between the first and second and vice versa, but it just stays ...


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If an automatic transmission has trouble shifting gears, it could be because the transmission fluid is low, the fluid is the wrong viscosity or the throttle cables need adjusting. If these factors are not the problem, then it is best to take the vehicle to a licensed mechanic for service.


1. Grinding or shaking sensation in gear. Your automatic transmission normally operates smoothly when shifting from gear to gear. You shouldn't feel any grinding, slipping or shaking sensations as your car switches gears. When a transmission is starting to have problems, these symptoms can seem insignificant.


Automatic Transmission Gear Shift Stuck. Is it physically impossible to move the gear shift into any other position? Here are a few possibilities that could be causing the problem. Parking Brake Stuck. Are you parked on a hill? If so than the force of gravity may be forcing your transmission to put pressure on the parking lock in the transmission.


The transmission will lose hydraulic pressure causing the transmission to drift in and out of gear. Check your transmission fluid when the car is on flat ground with the engine idling in park, (Some Chrysler products must be checked in neutral.) Transmission is shifting too late or not at all.


Based on your description, if the fluid looked dirty, we recommend draining the system and re-filling it with clean transmission fluid. It is also possible metal shavings in the system have restricted flow, not allowing proper shifting into gears. A transmission flush would be recommended if that is the case.


Every time a gear change is required, the car’s computer activates a transmission solenoid, which directs transmission fluid into the valve body to engage the correct gear. When this is faulty or not working properly, this can cause a delay in gear shifting or in some cases cause the car to not shift at all.