A transmission shift kit is a group of components that improve the effectiveness of a car’s shifts between gears. It enhances faster shift patterns, creating an economical fuel consumption environment. Kits are available... More »

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Some automatic transmission kits include B&M's automatic transmission rebuild kit 30229, as well as the ATC Pro King automatic transmission rebuild kit. The automatic transmission rebuild kit K73900 from Dacco is another... More »

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Hard shifting in an automatic vehicle is typically the result of a faulty or failing transmission. An automatic transmission is comprised of gears, fluid, bell housing and a filter. Problems arising in any of these areas... More »

Some signs of low transmission fluid are slipping or jerking motions as the gears shift, dragging of the vehicle as it picks up speed and increase in the temperature of the transmission. More »

If a car jerks when it is put in reverse, this indicates a problem with the transmission, such as worn gears. If the gear becomes worn down or damaged, it can make it difficult for the car to shift smoothly. More »

To put an automatic transmission vehicle into neutral when the battery is drained, apply the parking brake, turn on the ignition switch, depress the brake pedal and then move the gear shift to neutral. If the shift will ... More »

When a car jerks while changing gears, it means that the transmission is malfunctioning. There are several different reasons a transmission fails to work correctly. For example, low transmission fuel and a leak in the tr... More »