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DNA sequencing is a technique used to determine the exact sequence of nucleotides in a DNA sample. Electrophoresis, a method for separating DNA fragments, is used when the DNA differs in length by only one base. DNA samples are placed in a gel and exposed to an electric...


DNA sequencing is used to identify individual genes within the DNA of any organism. This information can be used to identify variants and mutations that cause diseases and disorders.


An automator is a personal automation assistant that enables a Mac computer user to perform more tasks with less hassle and time. It uses a drag-and-drop process to create and run automation recipes that perform simple or complex tasks when needed.


Automated systems eliminate the need for human interference in order to complete a task. Several industries use automated systems to increase production and reduce costs. A common example is an ATM, which can process banking transactions without a teller.


Wageningen University explains that DNA bases only pair with one other base, so the complementary DNA sequence can be read out by replacing each base with its complement and reversing the order. The complementary base pairs are A to T and G to C, so every G is replaced ...


Linear sequences are simple series of numbers that change by the same amount at each interval. The simplest linear sequence is one where each number increases by one each time: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.


Some automated online businesses include sites that sell digital products, online drop shipping companies, product manufacturers that sell through Amazon.com fulfillment and affiliate marketing websites. Each business type uses tools to automatically handle the processi...


The sequence of the cell cycle is G1, S, G2, mitosis and cytokinesis. G1 and G2 are "gap" phases during which the cell grows and prepares for other phases. The S phase is the stage when DNA is copied. Mitosis divides the copies of DNA, and cytokinesis creates two new ce...


On an electric furnace, the heat sequencer lets the heating elements receive electricity in turn rather than all at once. When the furnace first comes on, if all the heating elements could draw electricity at the same time, the resulting spike in current would trip the ...


Restriction enzymes are a class of enzymes that cut DNA into fragments based upon recognizing a specific sequence of nucleotides. Callista Images/Cultura/Getty Images In nature, organisms constantly have to protect themselves from foreign invaders, even at the microscop...