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AutoZone lists three different warranties in its Terms and Conditions: Limited Warranty, Duralast Gold and Duralast Battery Limited Warranty, and PROFormance Warranty. According to the Terms and Conditions page, most parts and accessories are covered by the AutoZone limited warranty.


As of 2015, National Auto Care warranties, or vehicle service agreements, cover a broad spectrum of equipment, such as powertrains, hybrid and electric vehicles, personal use snowplows and commercial vehicles, according to National Auto Care. Warranties can cover vehicles with up to 156,000 miles. O


Both ConsumerAdvocates.org and TopTenReviews.com rated Endurance and CarChex extended auto warranties as their number 1 and 2 picks respectively as of 2016, according to the company websites. Endurance received the highest marks because it does not involve third parties in administering its plan and


Car warranties generally cover the repair or replacement of malfunctioning or damaged parts, but they do not pay for maintenance services and car breakdowns resulting from accidents, neglect, acts of nature, theft or liquid contamination, explains NerdWallet. A bumper-to-bumper car warranty covers r


Four different types of warranties are express warranties, implied warranties, lifetime warranties and extended warranties. A warranty is a guarantee on an article or service that includes repair or replacement if the article does not meet the standards implied.


Warranty coverage and limitations with American Auto Shield vary based on several factors, including the vendor agreement, where the contract was purchased and the type of contract purchased. All service contracts have a 30 day /1,000 mile waiting period before claims are allowed for submission.


A home warranty is a service contract between a homeowner and a home-warranty provider. The contract provides discounted repair and replacement services on the home’s major appliances and components.


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America's First Choice Home Club, Choice Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty are good home warranties. These are three of the top ten home warranty companies, according to Top10homewarrantyreviews.com. Home warranties protect homeowners from the high costs of important system and appliance failur


An online warranty is a merchandise warranty offered through the Internet, usually from a third party. This form of product protection typically covers items such as electronics or appliances but may also be offered on other merchandise.