Jews and Christians believe that the ultimate author of the Bible is God, via more or less direct inspiration given to human writers. Who and how many people were involved in the writing of the Bible is a matter of both ... More » World View Religion The Bible

Many authors wrote the Bible; approximately 30 writers contributed to the creation of the Old Testament, and 10 writers wrote the New Testament. The Prophet Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, before 1400 B.C.... More »

Many authors, editors and translators all played a role in the creation of the Christian Bible over thousands of years. The earliest biblical stories date back approximately 4000 years, when people orally handed the stor... More » World View Religion The Bible

The Bible comprises two sections: the Old Testament, which tells the story of the Jews' migrations and covenants with God, and the New Testament, which tells the story of Jesus Christ. It opens with a description of the... More »

One inspirational Bible quote is in Romans 8:38-39, which describes how no powers in heaven or on Earth are sufficient separate Christians from the love of God that they can access through their belief in Jesus. Because ... More »

In the Bible, Exodus chapter 3, verse 14 is interpreted by Christians to mean that God is the supreme being of the universe, and the verse also describes God's constancy and dependability in fulfilling his promises to hi... More » World View Religion The Bible

Some of the most quoted Bible verses are Psalm 23:1-6, which is one of the shortest psalms in the Old Testament, and John 3:16, which Christians frequently call the golden text of the Bible. Matthew 11:28 is also a popul... More » World View Religion The Bible