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And while these desserts aren’t totally authentic, they do highlight amazing Mexican-style flavors. If you prefer something slightly more traditional, try a classic creamy flan. Or, if you love to experiment, you can create new ways to feature Mexican-inspired flavors through the addition of key ingredients.


Mexican Dessert Recipes Perfect churros, flan, sopapillas, and tres leches cake right made in your kitchen. Find dozens of the best Mexican desserts here.


Traditional Mexican food recipes can add a variety of taste and flavor to every meal. Mexican desserts are a perfect way to end a meal, and will leave you with a rich, vibrant taste, and a longing for more. These easy and quick desserts are a treat for one and all.


Try our top-rated Mexican dessert recipes including favorites like Mexican wedding cake, easy fried ice cream, sopaipillas and more. ... Since moving here close to Mexico from the Midwest, I've enjoyed trying authentic recipes—they're a sharp departure from the Iowa favorites I grew up with! I love introducing these to relatives and friends ...


Find Mexican dessert recipes for top recipes like churros, tres leches cake, chocolate-chile cake and more on Cooking Channel. ... Mexican Desserts: Churros, Chocolate and More ... nutmeg, allspice and even chiles. Bobby switches things up by serving this traditional hot drink as an ice-cold creamy shake. Get the Recipe: Mexican Chocolate Milkshake


Take a taste of these recipes including caramel flans, Mexican wedding cakes, peach enchiladas, sopapillos and more. Take a taste of these recipes including caramel flans, Mexican wedding cakes, peach enchiladas, sopapillos and more. ... Flan is a traditional Mexican dessert with many variations. My version is sweet with a... Lime Sundaes.


From tacos to tamales, it's hard not to love authentic Mexican cuisine. Sure, we love a good Tex-Mex recipe as well, but let's be clear: it's a totally different beast from the authentic Mexican ...


Start here for Mexican rice, tres leches cake and hundreds of other authentic recipes. ... Calabacitas con Elote (Zucchini with Corn), Carne en su Jugo (Meat in its Juices), Authentic Enchiladas Verdes, Champurrado, Menudo Rojo (Red Menudo)


End your Mexican dinner on a sweet note with tasty desserts like sopapillas, churros and more.


Throwing a fiesta? How about making a sweet south of the border treat with one of these delicious Mexican dessert recipes.