In Australia, the inland desert areas that exist mostly in the country's western regions are known somewhat colloquially as the outback. This includes areas in many of Australia's states, including Victoria, Queensland, ... More »

Australia is an island, a country and also a continent. Because of its remote location, Australia has many animal species that live on the island and nowhere else in the world. More »

Being completely surrounded by water on all sides, Australia is the world's smallest country that is also a continent. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and makes up 5 percent of the world's total land ... More »

An informal reference to a resident of Australia is "Aussie," and an informal reference to the country itself is an even shorter derivative of the word, "Aus." When residents pronounce "Aus" with a hissing "s" sound, it ... More »

Australia is the one and only country on the Australian continent. However, the area was originally called Australasia. Australasia included the country of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. More »

The Australian continent contains only one country, called Australia. The country is over 7.6 square kilometers in size, making it the sixth largest country in the world. More »

Sydney, Australia, is located in the state of New South Wales, which is on the country's southeast coast along the Tasman Sea. It is located to the east of the Blue Mountains, to the south of the Hawkesbury River and to ... More »