An atomic clock is usually set by adjusting the desired time zone then allowing it to synchronize with the signal from radio station WWVB, which broadcasts the time of the atomically controlled clock. WWVB, established b... More » Home & Garden Appliances

The latest atomic clock developed by the National Institute of Standard and Technology and the University of Colorado at Boulder is accurate to within one second per 15 billion years, as of April 2015. This accuracy leve... More » Science Time & Calendars

Some alarm clocks that use atomic time are La Crosse Technology's model 617-1270 atomic alarm clock and model 617-1280 atomic alarm clock. AcuRite also makes a seven-inch atomic alarm clock. More » Home & Garden Decor

An atomic clock keeps time by using the frequency of electromagnetic radiation associated with the natural oscillations of atoms as a standard of measurement. Atomic clocks are the most accurate clocks developed; a cesiu... More » Science Time & Calendars

Manuals Online and The Clock Depot have atomic clock user manuals available for purchase or download as of 2015. Also, many companies provide downloadable manuals on their websites. More » Home & Garden Decor

The Sharp SPC900 clock has a radio-controlled function that automatically synchronizes the time from an atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. However, if it is not possible to synchronize with the atomic clock, the tim... More »

The instructions to initially set the time on an Atomix clock include setting the indicators of the time zone and the daylight saving time. Also, place the clock at a location that makes catching WWVB radio signals easy ... More » Home & Garden Decor