Your local public housing agency will have information about Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher wait lists. If you are already on a waiting list, contact the agency you applied with. Contact information for local housin... More »

Individuals may apply for Section 8 housing in Atlanta, Georgia, through the Atlanta Housing Authority when the waiting list is open, the Atlanta Housing Authority explains. The housing authority gives public notice when... More »

Once an applicant and his family are determined eligible, they are placed on a waiting list. Once a spot opens up, the public housing authority contacts the applicant to issue him the housing voucher. More »

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People placed on a Section 8 wait list are not automatically approved for housing vouchers. Inclusion in the list indicates eligibility demonstrated at the time of application. Eligibility is verified a second time when ... More »

The average wait time for the Section 8 waiting list depends on the location. In San Diego, it is eight to 10 years, though it may be more or less time in another location. More »

Applicants can check the status of their housing wait list by contacting their local public housing agency, explains the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Contact information for local agencies is listed ... More »

To apply for Section 8 housing, a person needs to provide information on gross annual income, family size, assets and citizenship status. Section 8 housing vouchers are administered in counties and other municipalities b... More »