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Best Answer: Hi there. Pikachu evolves into Raichu using a Thunderstone at *any* level. However, just because you can evolve it at any time does not mean you should evolve it right away. Keep training it as a Pikachu until it learns Thunderbolt (when it reaches the 30s in terms of level). Then, evolve it ...


However, once Pikachu evolves into Raichu, it does not learn any new abilities. Most trainers recommend waiting to use the Thunder Stone until Pikachu has reached level 50 and has learned its final move, Thunder.


How to Evolve Pikachu Into Alolan Raichu on Pokémon Sun and Moon. Want the beautiful surfer Alolan Raichu to be on your Sun and Moon team? Here's an easy guide of how to get this marvellous pocket monster! Catch a Pichu and evolve it into ...


My Pikachu is already at 28 and I just found the Thunder stone, when is a good time to evolve him into Raichu? I cant seem to find a move list of what they learn in X at what levels


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Pikachu cannot evolve to Raichu by level. Pikachu evolves into Raichu when given the Thunder Stone, or, Pikachu evolves into Alolan Raichu when given the Thunder Stone in the Alola Region.


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What level does raichu evolve? uh raichu doesnt evolve. if u ment what level pikachu evolves you need a thunderstone ... It is inside a pokeball.Seedot evolves at level 14 into a Nuzleaf.


Level Pichu up once you think it is at Friendship level 220 or higher. Since you won't know the exact number unless you're checking in every time you raise your friendship, you'll have to guess based on the phrase and the actions you perform. When you level up Pichu when it has a Friendship of 220 or greater it will evolve immediately into Pikachu.