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There is a blank sheet provided at the end for any extra words that your ... astronomer, astronomy, elliptical orbit ... Create a Word Search using these words.


Astronomy terms are used to describe celestial bodies and events. Check out the astronomy terms section to find out what each term means.


You can get the definitions of these astronomy related words by clicking on them. Also check out describing words for astronomy and find more words related to ...


Astronomy & Telescope Glossary. The following glossary terms cover both general astronomy and telescopes. For a list of commonly-used abbreviations, see ...


Browse through our astronomy dictionary to find definitions for some of the most common terms used in practical astronomy and space science.


a term used to describe a point directly underneath an object or body. Nebula a cloud of dust and gas in space, usually illuminated by one or more stars. Nebulae  ...


Lesson Name: ​Astronomy Terms. Astronomy terms: Handshape: Location: Black hole: Handshape: Location: Saturn: Handshape: Location: Sky: Handshape:.


constellation. noun. astronomy a group of stars that form a particular pattern in the sky. Most of the constellations we know have been given ...


Astronomy Dictionary Astronomy glossary explains basic astronomical terms. The Astronomy Thesaurus Astronomy Thesaurus in French, Spanish and Italian.


Jul 19, 2020 ... Glossary of Eclipse and Astronomy Terms. by Fred Espenak. annular solar eclipse - A solar eclipse in which the Moon's antumbral shadow ...