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A detective collects evidence and gathers facts relating to potential crimes; some detectives are called agents or special agents. Detectives usually have a high school diploma and may have a college degree. Most are required to graduate from a special training academy devised by the particular agen


Producers are responsible for the practical oversight of television or film projects from beginning to end. Their responsibilities include raising and distributing funds, reviewing scripts, assembling creative teams, ensuring adherence to applicable regulatory codes and post-production marketing.


A publisher's job description depends on the type of publishing job, such as textbook publisher, trade publisher, academic publisher or self-publisher, but duties may involve raising funds for the publishing company, leading editorial employees, helping the company with its strategic plan, dealing w


The job description of a physician typically includes the tasks of examining patients, updating charts, ordering tests and evaluating test results. Physicians can specialize in many different fields, such as surgery or gynecology, which add additional duties to their job descriptions.


Mechanics, also known as auto service technicians, use diagnostic equipment to pinpoint mechanical problems, make sure systems and components are working correctly, perform maintenance on vehicles, and inform customers of what repairs were done. Mechanics can also focus on a specific aspect of repai


The main responsibility of a nurse is to treat patients who are sick or injured. Nurses are required to complete paperwork, assist physicians in diagnosing patients' illnesses and provide follow-up care. They also offer emotional support and advice to patients.


An ideal job description is a highly descriptive employment interview response in which you express your optimal job title, working conditions and anticipated professional and personal career rewards. Many human resources managers use the answers you provide to determine if you are a good match for


Geologists study the structure and composition of the crust of the earth and examine rocks and minerals, applying their knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology when analyzing the results. A bachelor's degree is typically required to land an entry-level position, although a Ph.D. is necessary for


Lawyers take an advisory and representative role in serving clients in criminal or civil court cases. Prior to a trial or court proceeding, the lawyer meets with the client, discusses the case and prepares a strategy.


The job description of a politician varies according to the specific office he holds, but generally all positions involve analyzing issues, deliberating with advisers and fellow law makers, meeting with constituents and attending meetings to formalize law. Since most political decisions are popularl