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The main responsibility of a nurse is to treat patients who are sick or injured. Nurses are required to complete paperwork, assist physicians in diagnosing patients' illnesses and provide follow-up care. They also offer emotional support and advice to patients.


An ideal job description is a highly descriptive employment interview response in which you express your optimal job title, working conditions and anticipated professional and personal career rewards. Many human resources managers use the answers you provide to determine if you are a good match for


According to Education Portal, process operators are responsible for overseeing the production process of a chemical plant facility. The goal of a process operator is to monitor equipment and improve the quality, efficiency and safety of the manufacturing plant.


Lawyers take an advisory and representative role in serving clients in criminal or civil court cases. Prior to a trial or court proceeding, the lawyer meets with the client, discusses the case and prepares a strategy.


A medical assistant helps health care professionals with daily activities to ensure everything runs smoothly. The assistant's job responsibilities vary depending of the type of care and location.


A food attendant has various duties, including taking orders, serving food and cleaning tables, according to Job Description Format. Food attendants work in food service establishments such as restaurants, hotels, bars, canteens, pubs and lounges, and they also work for private chefs and catering co


The primary role of a social worker is to advocate for individuals and families in communities who need help from government assistance programs and nonprofit organizations. Clinical social workers, who require a master's degree, can also diagnose and treat mental health conditions.


A clerk is an employee assigned multiple administrative duties within a bank or office, such as maintaining records and accounts, answering phones, filing reports and processing data. Some other responsibilities of clerks include mailing and faxing, message delivery, running errands and a number of


Though the job description for an office administrator, also known as an office manager, may vary between companies, it typically involves the daily maintenance and organization of office procedures, tracking of employee services and facilitating the use of company resources. It may involve tasks su


A church administrator is responsible for the business aspects of running the church, including human resources, budget and financial administration, ensuring compliance with local regulations and laws, public liaison, and risk management. Ideally, the church administrator should not also serve as p