Requirements to live in an assisted living facility vary based on the facility's capabilities, but typically, individuals must be able to care for themselves physically and require minimal assistance with daily tasks. As... More »

Assisted living is when a senior citizen lives in a facility that provides health care and support services, as needed. In an assisted-living facility, seniors receive help with daily activities, including feeding, getti... More » Health Older Adults

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According to SimplyHired, the average overall salary for a position at an assisted living facility is $53,000, as of March 2015. Salaries are dependent upon the location of the facility, personal experience level, benefi... More » Health Older Adults

To file a complaint against an assisted living home, individuals should contact the Department of Health and Human Services in the health facility's state of residence, according to the New Hampshire Department of Health... More » Health Older Adults

The criteria for selecting an assisted care facility may include the availability of housekeeping and transportation services, the range of social opportunities and the recreational activities offered, as well as health ... More » Health Older Adults