The products sold at 'As Seen on TV' stores include Dump Cakes, Flex Seal Clear, Pocket Hose Ultra and Clever Grip. In addition to these products, 'As Seen on TV' stores also sell a variety of cooking, home improvement, ... More » Home & Garden Decor

Products featured by As Seen On TV include the Egg-Tastic microwave egg cooker, Flex Seal, Chillow Pillow, and Drain Wig for the bath or shower. Products that fall under this category feature packaging with a red logo an... More »

As of 2015, popular As Seen on TV products include the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, the Genie Bra, Flex Seal and the OrGREENic 10-inch Fry Pan. Products in recent years include the Ped Egg, the Pet Rider, the Edge of Glory an... More » Art & Literature

Customers can purchase many "As Seen on TV" products in a number of different retail brick and mortar stores, including stores exclusively for such products. This latter type of store is frequently found in malls across ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Marketing & Sales

As of September 2015, there are 35 As Seen on TV stores throughout the United States. The stores are found in traditional and outlet malls across the country. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Consumers seeking to find As Seen On TV outlet stores can visit the As Seen On TV sections featured on websites such as and Outlet stores exclusively selling as-seen-on-TV items are locate... More »

As of March 2015, As Seen on TV products include household and outdoor items, as well as clothing, electronics, and toys. Consumers may also find pet, fitness, novelty and beauty products within the label. More » Business & Finance Corporations