According to Cornell University, because photography could record visual data better than an artist could, artists began to look for other emphases in rendering reality. This led to a number of modern movements in painti... More »

Photography became an art largely due to the efforts of Alfred Stieglitz. In the early 20th century, Stieglitz used his influence to bolster support that photography was an art, which eventually led to him being the firs... More »

A student can get a photography degree online through various schools, including Academy of Art University and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He must take certain courses and have access to the required equipment. More » Education Colleges & Universities

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Some examples of information in an artist's biography are the name of the artist, where the artists lives or works, the type and themes of art produced, and any higher art education. An artist can include other relevant ... More » Education Writing

Michelangelo changed the world by helping people view art and artists differently. His art was remarkable; because of this, the world began to recognize artists and their art as important additions to society. More »

Some tips for achieving beautiful flower photography are to photograph using diffused natural light, use a tripod and equip the camera with remote release. Other tips are to use manual focus and a reflector. More » Hobbies & Games Photography