Artificial nails may increase the risk of fungal nail infection. However, if artificial nails are fitted properly, using sanitary tools and procedures, there is typically no problem with infection. More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Artificial Nails

Treating nail fungus from an artificial nail requires removing the acrylic nail, according to WebMD. The fungus often grows in the gap between the real and artificial nail. If the nail separates, dipping the finger in al... More »

Causes of nail infections include dermatophyte fungus, molds and yeast, according to Mayo Clinic. These fungi spread in moist and wet environments and are most likely to affect the toenails, reports MedicineNet. More » Health Conditions & Diseases Skin Conditions

Acrylic nails can be applied as nail tips, or they may cover the entire nail. A variety of effects can be achieved by adding color, polish, glitter and texture. More »

To apply gel nail extensions, prepare and clean the original nails, select artificial nail extensions that fit over the nails, cover with gel substance, and use a UV light to harden the gel. This process provides durable... More »

A gel nail kit is a do-it-yourself starter kit for applying gel polish to the nails. It can cost anything from $25 to $150. As of August 2014, gel kits have become a very popular solution among women, because they are mu... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Artificial Nails

SolarNail is a line of products for creating artificial nails produced by the Creative Nail Design, or CND, company, and are part of the Liquid & Powder System, which features sculpting liquids and powders, including Mox... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Artificial Nails