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A dump truck works by using hydraulic pistons that lift the dump box at a steep angle, allowing whatever is in the dump box to fall into whatever pile the dump truck designates. Another type of dump truck uses a panel held in place by hydraulic cylinders in the dump box. The cylinders push the panel


Hyundai provides specifications that give their Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck superior performance and greater suitability. They also provide the performance, interior and exterior highlights of the dump trucks. The specifications give the trucks outstanding performance, enhanced durability and better co


Engine size, load volume, dump bed design and the of number of axles are some of the common dump truck specifications. These dictate how well the unit can be maximized of satisfy the requirement.


There are a number of posting hubs where drivers can find dump truck driving jobs, including Monster, Indeed and other specialty sites such as Hiring Drivers Now. These sites provide drivers with a way to quickly determine what employment opportunities are available in their areas and whether or not


Before starting a dump truck business, carefully evaluate the strength of your business strategy, the set of skills you have and your chances to achieve success in this business. Dump trucks are very expensive, so you may lose significant money in case of failure. Make sure that you know how many ve


According to Diesel Power Magazine, the heaviest dump truck is the Caterpillar. It has a curb weight of 307 tons, a gross operating weight of 687.5 tons and a maximum capacity of 380 tons. It has 3,550 horsepower and a top speed, when fully loaded, of 42 miles per hour.


To become a dump-truck driver, obtain a driver's license in the state you live in, and get a commercial driver's license if your state requires it, instructs Study.com. While a high school diploma or further education is not required, employers generally prefer to hire truck drivers with proper lice


Find work as a dump truck driver by searching on, and applying through, Indeed.com, SnagAJob.com and CareerBuilder.com, all three of which offer job postings from various dump truck drivers. Enter "Dump Truck Driver" into the search engines of each website, and enter a location into the second searc


Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader are two heavy equipment sale and trade websites where buyers can find dump trucks and other major utility vehicles for sale. These sites allow buyers to search by location in order to find vehicles near their location.


Sites such as Craigslist, Truck Paper, eBay, Commercial Truck Trader and Equipment Trader allow users shopping for small dump trucks to view a variety of listings from private sellers as well as dealers. A user needs to filter the listings on these sites to find the best deals.